I have today received the three (advanced, super advanced and master) grippers, and although due to the useless job UK customs did in transfering the package onto my delivery centre, the product is absolutely fantastic!! I love the knurled handles— the most knurled I have felt, which I absolutely think is fantastic. Also, the springs look badass and rugged, which adds to the appeal.

Thank you for a fantastic product. I am sure to order more sometime in the future!!

Julian Adams


As you are most likely aware, none of your competitors except one offer grippers with such high quality in both precision and durability. Providing the ability to customize handle distance and strength within various levels is a characteristic that makes BeefBuilder one of a kind for grippers.

New York City

Dear Bill

Thank you for my 2 Beef Builder grippers. These are the first grippers I have bought which are not Ironmind CoCs, and I am really impressed. They match the same super high quality as Ironmind's. I especially like the spread and the fact they have nice sharp knurling, which I much prefer over smooth. I have found the BBSM fits nicely between my filed down #2 and my #2.5 in terms of resistance and am sure the BBGM will provide the next step up to the #3.

Many thanks

Alfie Page
United Kingdom

Hello Bill,

Received the gripper 07:00 AM on Monday morning, 2 days after shipment. I must say that it is an excellent gripper, with knurling and shipment at its excellence. You will definitely find me ordering from you again.



Hello Bill,

The 2 grippers arrived yesterday, i.e. just 6 business days after being shipped. That's a very fast delivery, with no hassle and no additional "value added tax". Excellent!

The quality of the products is awesome too: spring, assembly, finish, spread, knurling, attention to details: top-notch from A to Z. Thank you for manufacturing such a quality product.

In terms of strength / poundage, I think that my estimates were realistic: I wanted to have 1 gripper slightly tougher and 1 significantly tougher than want I am able to close now, and that's what I got: I can close the Master with difficulty (1 repetition), but not yet the Super Master. That's going to be a tough nut to crack. My goal is to reach it by the end of the year.


Alban Schmid

Great Dumbbells

I just received the plates for my dumbbells today and I am pleased to say that I am very satisfied with my order. My dumbbells look great and the contoured handles feel great in my hand. Thank you for supplying a quality product at a reasonable price to serious trainers like myself. I cant wait to expand my dumbbell set to 150 when the time comes. Thanks again and good luck with sales in the new year.

Dan Delgado

Mr. Ennis:

I received my Olympic Collars in the mail yesterday; they arrived much faster than I expected.

I just wanted to let you know that I surfed a whole lot of websites looking for these; your price was the only one that I considered reasonable. If I ever need any other equipment for my weights or anything else, I will be certain to order from you.

Thanks again.

Joe Watson

I got it (BB Grip Machine) TODAY.
It is much better looking in person than on the web page.
It is much larger than expected.
It still has the fresh paint smell.

It works GREAT. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Dirk Spencer
Plano, TX

Hi Bill,

My gripper arrived 2 days ago and it is excellent.

Thank you very much for your courteous and professional customer service. I have bought items on the internet more than 20 times and I think you were always the swiftest to respond and also the most helpful.

I will happily buy from you and your mob in the future.


Dear Bill Ennis,

Sir, I would like to say that I have never received such fast replies from any other site! Yours is the first to reply with such speed! I am most pleased with the information and customer service you displayed! Thank you! Expect to be receiving orders from me in the near future! I also am most DEFINITELY going to tell my friends and contacts about your site! Please know that you have made a lasting impression on a customer! Thank you!


My grippers arrived today and they are great! Fastest delivery I have had for grippers from any company. The knurling is sharper than any other companies grippers. Thanks for the fast delivery.

Scott Harris
East Alton, IL

I'd like to say that I was really pleased for your kind service and fast delivery last time. Top notch service all the way, and grippers were just what I expected them to be, top quality products indeed. Good luck to your business!

Teemu Ilvesniemi

Hi, Mr. Ennis,

I just want to thank you for your great products. I received the Grip Machine w/2" spindle, as well as the BBSM gripper. The Grip Machine is superb; it can easily take 400 lbs (if I ever get that strong) and is clearly built for the long haul. Your price and the shipping rates you asked were so reasonable, thank you so much. Coupled with the superb quality of your products, I wish I would have discovered your company sooner. I hope to purchase more of your great products in the future.

Again, thank you so much!

Jim Starr
Anchorage, AK

The BeefBuilder grippers that I ordered were definitely top-notch in quality. Every bit as high quality as the Ironmind ones that I own, and are exactly what I had expected. The BB Grand Master fits PERFECT between the 2 and the 3, and the BB Grand Elite is a great in-between gripper between the 3 and the 4. The BB Pro looks to be a step above the 4, but the BB World Class is much harder than the COC#4, which makes it a great goal gripper for even those who have closed a COC#4. These grippers have the same feel as the Ironmind grippers I own in every respect. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that they shipped very quickly.

Matthew Villani
Altoona, PA

Hi, Bill

My Beefbuilder grip machine has just arrived. I'm Really pleased with the quality. I'm going to give it a workout this afternoon. Hoping to get as strong a grip as possible with it.

Hope to do more business with you in the future.

Yours sincerely,
Dave Wallwork
An extremely pleased customer!

Thank you again for the great service and thank you for the excellent quality products. The grip machine is not any thin, flimsy piece. It is a heavy duty, quality piece of grip equipment. The gripper was exactly the width I ordered and like the grip machine it is top quality strength equipment. These are the first Beef Builder items I had purchased and they far exceeded my expectations !! Not only was I happy with the products but they were shipped to me in a very timely manner.

Thanks very much Bill,

Brett Hanson
Wapakoneta, OH

You make excellent grippers. I am used to IM grippers and have purchased an HG model, but the HG's do not feel comfortable.

Billy Wolt
Brooklyn, NY

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy using your Beef Builder grip products. The grippers are among some of the best made. One of my favorite grip products is the Beef Builder grip machine. I think it is as good or better than some out there that cost much more. It is well built at a fair price. I have the one with the two inch spindle for Olympic plates. I decided to see how much weight I could get on the machine and to my surprise I was able to get five 100 lb plates on it. Wow much more than I could actually use but good to know if my grip strength ever reaches that level. Thanks for providing good products and service.

Steve Belanger
Westminster, CA

Mr Ennis,

Your company is top notch. The best as far as I'm concerned, especially regarding the Beef Builder grippers. They have a feel that is not paralleled by any other gripper. Some come close...but that's just it-"close." I am a fan of all the grippers and have an astounding collection of them. But I prize my BBs above all but the most rare of my collection. I enjoy all the grippers I've bought from you. The last one, the 2.5" Grand Master, is superb. I use it for a good warmup for my right hand now. I do most of my reps with no set, so that's why I always order the 2.5" version of the grippers. More comfortable to no set.

I look forward to getting the 2.5" Elite. I really don't know if I'll be able to close it yet. But it will fall. I'm sure it's quite a bit harder than the Heavy Grips 400, but I have been no setting the HG400 lately.

I have such a passion for grip training because the strength gained by using them actually allows me to do my job better. I am a Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Sheriff's Office in Lawrence, Kansas. I also work full time in a Jail setting. You get the picture. Hand strength is KING where I work. Sometimes the mere fact that I have an above average grip is enough to keep the peace at work. Thanks again!

Ben Edwards
Lawrence, KS

I see you are sponsoring now. I help run that forum. Thanks for the help. I also just ordered 2 BeefBuilder Grippers from you a few days ago. I like your products. Thanks.

Shaun Michael (camaro man on grippermania)


I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that I am very much enjoying my new BeefBuilder grip machine that I got from you and your company at the beginning of this year.

I want you to know that I have been making incredible gains using this machine, and since I'm known in the grip world as a person with a better than average grip, I have been telling people about it and raving about this grip machine!

I own six different grip machines besides the BeefBuilder, but after owning the BeefBuilder - it's like I'm a new grip trainer and my grip strength levels have been increasing ever since! It really has been truly amazing and the machine is like a breath of fresh air in my current grip training routine.

The simplicity of it's design and the fact that it can hold the huge Olympic 45 pound plates are the two main reasons I purchased the machine. When I received it, I noticed that there was nothing for me to assemble... I took it straight out of the box, put the weights on it and started gripping! Currently, I'm doing static holds with 225 pounds of weight on it. Would you happen to know of anyone who is doing more that this on the machine?

Anyhow, thanks again to you and to your company for such a great product!

Your friend in strength,

John A. Hicks